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Privacy Policy

We Need Participant Profile

To get to know you better and ensure you are receiving the needed support, a detailed profile will be maintained. Information will be taken from the Standard Application that we receive from you and your past care providers.

The profile includes:
Service information includes
Comprehensive Behavioural Support Plan

If your support needs become complex and exceed the strategies within your

Individual Service Plan, a Comprehensive Behavioural Support Plan (CBSP) will be created exclusively for you.

NOTE: Additional information about the CBSP is available upon request.

Your Health Information Sheet

A more detailed Health Sheet will be shared with you to fill in these details:

Individual Service Plan

An Individual Service Plan (ISP) meeting takes place yearly and is a written document that includes the following information-

Our Principles

As a responsible organization, we follow the Community Living Service Delivery (CLSD), and Comprehensive Personal Planning and Support Policy (CPP & SP).

Human Rights and Ethical Considerations

Policy 1: The support provided shall recognize a participant’s rights and reflect ethical practices.

Policy 2: Service providers shall interact with participants in a supportive and respectful way.

Policy 3: Participants shall be provided with the support needed to make decisions.

Policy 4: Any act or omission that causes a participant to experience physical, emotional pain, or sexual harm, loss of individual rights, or the misuse of one’s personal property shall be prohibited.

Policy 5: Procedures perceived by a participant to be aversive shall not be used with that participant.

Policy 6: A person-centered planning process shall be used as a means of supporting a

participant in deciding and planning his/her goals and the necessary support required.

Policy 7: The person-centered planning process shall involve the participant and a core group of people who show and care about the participant and are committed to supporting him/her.

Policy 8: The person-centered planning process shall identify the roles and responsibilities of those providing support to the participant in achieving his/her goals.

Policy 9: The person-centered plan shall be documented.

Policy 10: Comprehensive behavior support plans and strategies shall be used when designing support strategies to handle a participant’s challenging, dangerous or harmful behavior.

Policy 11: Comprehensive behavior support strategies shall be based upon objective and thorough assessment information analysis.

Policy 12: Comprehensive behavior support strategies shall be documented in comprehensive behavior support plans.