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About us

Since 1989
Supporting Individuals with Disabilities to Live Independently in their Community

Rail City Industries is a charitable/non-profit organization that provides support services to individuals with disabilities to live as inclusive, valued, and contributing members of the community.

Person-centered planning changes the way we are accountable. Instead of looking at someone’s disability, we explore an individual’s talents, interests and capabilities while discovering new and exciting ways to assist the person to be successful in their community. Accountability is measured by how well we follow through on the promises made and the agreements reached when the person shares their visions.

Our Vision

A future where the possibilities and opportunities are the same for all the individuals regardless of their abilities

Our Mission

To provide quality care and services to individuals with disabilities to live as valued and contributing members of the community.

Our Values

Honest Open Communication
Best Practices
Dignified Service Provision
Transparency and Accountability, Personal Growth and Life Long Learning.

Founders of Rail City Industries

Each one contributed unique attributes to the development of Rail City Industries.

We aim to provide quality care and opportunities to individuals with disabilities so they can learn life skills for independent living. Keeping personal growth, lifelong learning, and dignified service provisions at the core of the system, we offer an effective vocational skill environment to our participants and assist them to find success as a productive, key part of the community.

Our Story

On May 2, 1980, Dr. Basnyat lead a group of concerned citizens in a venture of developing a workshop for individuals with Intellectual and Physical challenges. This organization became incorporated on July 7, 1980. A temporary location was set up until the building at 799 1st Ave East was officially opened on October 6th, 1983. 

In 1988, organization expansion began to include an activity center sponsored by the Kinsmen Club. The center was needed to provide care to individuals with disabilities.

In order to introduce vocational opportunities, SARCAN was officially launched on June 28, 1989. 

Along the way, RCI ventured into different financial enterprises: Paper Recycling, FirSTop Carwash, Outer Rim Café, and New to U Second-hand Clothing Store. Now, Rail City Industries operates four group homes, a supported independent living program and a Commercial Kitchen.

These houses have a long history dating back to the first group home in 1976. Anne Cameron Place was originally designed to give a home to six special needs children and is fondly named after Ms. Anne Cameron, who devoted her life to working for individuals with disabilities. Rail City Industries is proud to have Verna’s Villa (named after Board of Director, Verna Kraft), Melvilla Manor, and Carpe Diem House.

The commercial kitchen (First Avenue) has now morphed into the Chefs in Training Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen, one of the most successful vocational programs to date. The goal is to provide a vocational skill environment to enhance the participants abilities and skills for job readiness in food preparation, customer service and hospitality.


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