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Full Time / Part Time / CASUAL

(Starting at $ 19.86 / Hr)
Direct Support Worker

To provide excellent quality supports to the clients entrusted to your care; to provide a safe, secure and positive home environment for the clients; to provide opportunities for clients to learn daily living skills; to assist in the daily functions and operations of a group home setting.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work in conjunction with the Team Leader in providing feedback, input and participating in the planning, implementation and evaluation of Individual service plans (ISP’s).
  • Regular sitting, walking, climbing, kneeling, regular lifting and carrying, regular transfer weight of clients, pulling and pushing light to medium weight objects, and physical restraint of clients as necessary
  • Responsible for properly assisting/managing and reconciling client’s finances, cash on hand expenses related to nutrition, personal care, property and household planning
  • To plan, assist and prepare nutritional and special dietary menus which meet the requirements of the clients and in accordance with the Canada Food Guide
  • To ensure excellent quality of care in access to services such as health care, dental, and medical care; ensure given and/or accessed care is in a timely manner or on an emergency basis; including any/all follow-up required, and completion of all required documentation in accordance with RCI policy and procedures
  • Monitor and or administer medication; report any changes to medication, medical status of clients as per policy
  • To monitor the physical and psychological well being of the clients and report any issues and or concerns to the team Leader, Staffing
  • Coordinator and or Program Coordinator 3.
    To ensure that accurate documentation is completed daily for each client (e.g., log notes) and
    as required (e.g., incident reports, medical reports, communication notes, etc.)
  • To ensure that appropriate leisure and recreational programs are in place, and implemented during the evenings and weekends for the clients
  • To liaise on behalf of the client with family, guardian and other support agencies as required
  • Daily completion of assigned tasks
  • To follow the pre-arranged work schedules as set forth by the Staffing Coordinator
  • To encourage teamwork, positive networking; creativity and innovative ideas
  • To participate in ongoing staff development opportunities and mandatory training as
  • required/requested by Rail City Industries
  • To be aware of the employee responsibilities that are covered under the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • To maintain confidentiality at all times, and follow all policies and procedures of Rail City Industries Other tasks and or duties as assigned by the Team Leader, Staffing Coordinator/Rail City Industries
  • To report any irregularities against the philosophy/Protocol of RCI immediately to the ED/designate.

Accountable to the PC2/PC3

The Group Home Care Provider is accountable to the Staffing Coordinator

Education and Experience

  • Rehabilitation Workers certificate/diploma or a combination of acceptable training with a minimum of five years related work experience in a group home environment. 
  • Emergency First Aid, WHIMS, Transfer Lift and Repositioning an asset, (also provided by Rail City Industries)
  • Knowledge of special diets, nutrition, safe food handling would be an asset
  •  General knowledge and ability to use home appliances, small kitchen aids, cleaning tools, health aid devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, lifeline, etc.

  • Must be bondable 
  • Must submit to a criminal records check and vulnerable persons check upon acceptance of Employment

Personal Attributes

Demonstrates ability to work effectively independently and as part of a team Demonstrates ability to deal effectively, professionally and utilize authorized techniques when having to manage behavioral concerns/situations Demonstrates professional and effective communication, time management, interpersonal skills and organizational abilities
Self motivated and proactive

Starting at $19.86/per hour

Part Time
Fund raiser

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Full Time / Part Time

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